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Adult Services
​Individual, Couples/Marriage, and Family Counseling are available for all ages of adults.  Whether suffering from chronic mental illness or situational concerns, adults can enjoy personal growth and symptom management in our comfortable and private offices.
Thanks to the Health Services Department at Kentucky Wesleyan College, their students can attend counseling sessions with GHTP contracted counselors at our offices or KWC's campus free of charge.  Students are approved to take advantage of six sessions per semester enrolled.  Commonly, Wesleyan students attend these sessions for situational issues, however, this program allows for students to obtain short-term treatment for major mental health issues which will lead to a referral for more long-term care.  Students can contact GHTP directly to set up an appointment.

Counseling for Children
KWC Counseling Program
GHTP accommodates our  younger clients with a child-friendly office located in the Midtown Building, 920 Frederica Street, Suite 206, Owensboro, KY 42301.  Currently, we have contracted with two therapists at this location who are available to provide services for children of all ages.  Environment is an important factor in the therapy process, so it is a benefit to children to experience counseling in a setting tailored to their needs.

Services Overview
Clinicians working in association with GHTP treat a wide range of mental health disorders as well as address situational stressor management with clients. Our contrators are formally trained to provide treatment from empirically proven therapy modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral and Reality Therapy. EMDR is even available for appropriate candidates who need specialized trauma recovery work. Individual, Couples/Marriage, and Family sessions are available. Additionally, we are happy to offer referrals for medication management with psychiatric nurse practitioners and psychiatrists in the area.

Common Reasons Clients Seek Counseling:
-Sexual Abuse History
-Physical Abuse History
-Addictions (including substance abuse and sexual addictions)
-Relationship Issues
-Poor Self-Esteem
-Personality Disorders
-Seasonal Affective Disorder